Timex Cycle Trainer 2.0 Bike Computer Review

Here is quick look at the pros and cons of Timex Cycle Trainer 2.0 Bike Computer. By taking a quick look at the pros and cons only, you can make the right decision.

  • Records speed, map data and distance with great accuracy
  • Magnetic compass
  • Comes with bright backlight that works great
  • Features barometric altimeter offering more accurate elevation data
  • Enables you to access TrainingPeaks app online
  • If you need landscape mode, you can find it on this gadge

  • Isn’t very impressive as far as power meter support goes
  • The technology used for making the display is clunky
  • The device agent customization works, but it is kind of dated look.
  • The mount system is not as good as the majority of quick-mount systems available today
  • The price of the gadget is a big high

Amazon Rating

Timex-Cycle-Trainer-reviewsThe product has an average overall rating of 3.6, which is not very impressive. Probably, it is the price that is to blame. But overall, the product has plenty of positive reviews by verified users.

The Timex Cycle Trainer 2.0 is the Time’s first attempt making an ANT+ enabled, dedicated GPS cycling computer. After Timer Global Trainer and Timex Run Trainer, Timex Cycle Trainer is the manufacturer’s third GPS product in the market.

The product is very efficient and reliable and compares with the other GPS cycling computers by Garmin, such as Garmin Edge 500 and the coming Joule GPS. The three products fall in the same price range, but does it better than its competitors? Is it a good idea to go for this product rather than those of competitors? Is it worth the money? To find out answers, you may want to read this Timex Cycle Trainer 2.0 review.

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The product measures 1 x 1 x 1 inches and weighs 2 pounds in total. The display screen is clear and divided into 6 panels. The backlight on this model, unlike on previous models, is glorious and clear.

The design is impressive overall. The backlight can be configured to automatically turn off after a certain period of time, such as 15 or 30 seconds, or stay on all the time.

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Timex-Cycle-Trainer-reviewThe device comes with Timex Cycle Trainer mount. Mounting it is easy. All you need to do is take a pair of zip ties, pass is through the mount and snip the ends. The great thing about the mount is that it can be rotated so you can attach the gadget in your desired direction.

The Timex Cycle Trainer lets you download your ride data with the help of the included small USB cable. Alternatively, you can use any mini-USB cable you have for connecting the device.

As soon as the device is connected, you can press download to make the TrainingPeaks agent download the data. In most cases, for downloading a ride data, you don’t need to spend more than 60 seconds. After the download is complete, you can upload the data to TrainingPeaks with ease.

Apart from this, with the Device Agent app, you can configure the settings with your computer. It is easy given the fact that the app is a little bit clunky design. You may want to update the firmware. For this, you need to connect the gadget and launch the TrainingPeaks. Following the onscreen instructions, you can update the firmware in less than 1 minute.

The Timex Cycle Trainer is compatible with a variety of ANT+ accessories. You can go for Timex accessories or accessories made by other manufacturers. Just make sure the device has the ANT+ log on it. If it has, it will work with the device very well.

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After you have mounted the device on your bike, it is time for you to use the device and monitor its performance. First of all, you should switch the device on and wait a while until the device gets satellite signals. If you are outside, the device will find satellite in less than a minute.

Next, you need to configure the data fields, and these fields will update during your ride. Data fields get updated once per second. You can change it to update once in 60 seconds. It’s up to you.

During the ride, the until will display important information, such as time, distance and speed. Apart from this, you can also activate a map in order to track your location while riding.

Apart from enabling you to track your speed and distance covered, the biking computer enables you to setup alerts for a lot of parameters, such as Power, Cadence, Heart

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As far as value for the money is concerned, the device is a bit of a disappointment. At the $129.99 price tag, the device doesn’t have all the important features that other devices offer at the same price point. Maybe it is the price that got a lot of poor feedback on Amazon where its ranking is not very high, and is just average. Taking into all the features and the comparing them with the price tag, we can safely say that the price is a big high, but we assume that the company will bring the price down in the future.

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So, what do others think about the Timex Cycle Trainer 2.0 Bike Computer?


On Amazon, the product has a rating of 3.4 out of 5.0 based on 100 customer reviews. Besides, you can go through the 61 questions answered on this page to make the buying decision easily.Here is a customer review which was found helpful by 45 people.


Overall rating: 7.13 out of 10.0


The Cycle Trainer’s navigation system can be frustrating to use, but the device’s overall functionality is sufficient for most cyclists.


Head for DCrainmaker if you want to get a deep insight into various aspects of the product

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Additional Resources

Here is an excellent video on YouTube that gives you an overview of the product.

Timex Cycle Trainer 2.0 Bike Computer Review

Timex Cycle Trainer 2.0 Bike Computer Review

Timex Support

Owner’s manual

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The lightweight IRONMAN® Cycle Trainer 2.0 bike computer adds a dashboard to your handlebars. Five screens of real-time cycling data provided by GPS, the included heart rate sensor, and optional ANT+ bike and power sensors let you track your performance and finely tune your rides.

Timex Group built its reputation as the pioneer in timekeeping by harnessing the power and possibility of time. From the first clock and wristwatch we produced through data integration – from classic, time-honored designs through exclusive, luxury collector’s pieces – Timex Group companies continue to deliver unparalleled quality to highly diverse and global customers.

Milan to Hong Kong, design sensibility and creativity inspire multiple lifestyle brands. From the hallmark everyday watches on which we built our reputation, to exclusive, high-end offerings, we are equipped to meet the needs of our brand partners.

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Timex Cycle Trainer 2.0 Bike Computer Review
Keeping all the feature of the product in mind, it is safe to say that the product is absolutely suitable for riders. So, if you are a good rider and are looking for a GPS cycling computer, you may want to give this product a go. And I bet you won’t regret your decision as you will be making your purchase decision based on what you have read in this review.
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Keeping all the feature of the product in mind, it is safe to say that the product is absolutely suitable for riders. So, if you are a good rider and are looking for a GPS cycling computer, you may want to give this product a go. And I bet you won’t regret your decision as you will be making your purchase decision based on what you have read in this review.

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